Wedding at Maya Ruin, Cahal Pech

“2010 ended spectacular: a wedding at Belize Mayan Ruins, Cahal Pech.

Andreea & Brett… one of the most fantastic couples what I had the pleasure to meet. The ruins.. fit you like a glove! You, guys, were PERFECT for that place!…”

Start with the traditional “walking down the aisle” but a special aisle, until a gorgeous day with blue sky and extremely quiet… No group of tourists while we’re there… Was strange to not see anyone, but PERFECT! Was like the ruins were only for us!

This is my first wedding/event I photograph and did not use flash at all. I didn’t even take it out from my camera bag.

Like this start my blog from my page dedicated exclusively to any photos made by me at Maya Ruins. I’ll post 2-3 photos here only and if you want to know the storyline of this wedding, click here.

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