Our Wedding in Caribbean: Best Day Ever! at Grand Caribe, Belize

Jennifer & Leroy, my amazing bride & charming groom… we “click” from the moment we meet before wedding. Their personalities: very much similar with mine… our 30 minutes scheduled for meeting prior wedding turn into 3 hours chit-chat…. and this is how we start ūüôā

When you wait for an event in your life, time is somehow shrinking at the date of the event and you feel that is literally flying! This is usually happening during the wedding day and I’m all prepared for it.

Jennifer & Leroy  Wedding Day was exactly what they were hoping for: A family reunion, a celebration of life and TONS of happiness!

First, as usual in my weddings, I photographed my groom. He was getting ready in a different condo at Grand Caribe. He was nervous and excited in same time. We start with our usual getting ready and at the end of our shoot, his best friends showed up and as soon they arrived we stick cold beers in their hands and had quite of a fun!

My amazing bride, Jennifer, left me speechless… everything about her was PERFECT! Her dress, to die for. Her hair (made by a local artist Elida, from Styland Beauty Salon) was exquisite and different, her makeup complimented her perfectly and her excitement was exactly what I expect from a bride. I can easily say that Jennifer was a perfect bride!

Wedding Dress, details


The Wedding dress played some tricks and long story short ¬†and we had 8 minutes left for my bride. I had to choose between family photos and bridal portraits and was the hardest decision as my bride was stunning. I choose to do the¬†family photos for 5 min. and my bride for 2. At that point, I just got a balcony shot that she really wanted…

Jennifer, Moments before ceremony: Joy & Happiness!

Bridal Portrait before ceremony

Later in the evening, her makeup, hair and dress were super fresh so I told her “let’s go inside for 20 minutes to do your bridal portraits. You look absolutely STUNNING ! And she was up for anything… my amazing bride, Jen, was tired, but excited for her portraits and even if nobody else had mood ON for photos, me and her were the only ones!

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, this is a beautiful soul!

I totally loved her dress and this is the way I chose to show it off.. that’s not a hair piece… that’s her dress and the details… Her face complimented this phenomenal outfit. I can say that is one of my fav. bridal portraits

Bridal Portrait, Wedding Dress, details

The ceremony was pure tropical, surrounded by palm trees, ocean and white coral beach

Walking down the aisle in a perfect day made everyone’s smile

and Leroy was “WOOOW!!!”

I DO in Belize! a Tropical Dream!

Word of the day: YES!!!!!!

After ceremony we had a proper family shoot where, even if some of guests never meet before, they were all family and enjoy each-other. Real fun, real family photos when both families had 1 goal only: CELEBRATING!

Moment of happiness all day long!

I laugh a lot at this wedding and we had soo many epic moments. Here is one.. The wind was in-existent and was no way my bride could lift her dress… So, I asked a guests…
(me) “can you come and help us for a photo?”
(guest) SURET What do you need?
(me) get a drink and come with us..
(guest) GREAT!
(ME).. now.. get a big sip from your drink…
(Guest, smiling): my pleasure!(me): now, please get under the dress and make it as fluffier you can
(Guest) WHAT?
(me and my bride in same time): Come on! Do it quick We loose the light…
soo.. the guest went under and was soo hard to shoot this as we were cracking up as the guest kept screaming from under the dress “IS IT DONE YET?? IS SO HOT HERE!!” :)))

Fun Moments!

FUUUN in the SUUUUN!!!!!!!

Jennifer & Leroy, Bridal Portraits around resort

When Wedding meet Fashion, My Stunning Bride was in mood for photos ALL DAY and all evening!! What a bless for my lens!

A dreamy wedding ended with a dreamy portrait surrounded by palm trees and screaming CELEBRATION!

I know this might sound standard, but I really mean it: Was a real pleasure to be part of your day and capture those moments forever!

As my bride said after she saw this blog, “Oli, you do such beautiful work – that day went too fast!!¬† The whole thing is a blur to me!¬† I call that day “magical” when I’m telling people about it cuz that’s the only word that seems to be able to encompass it.¬† It was Perfectly Magical ;))”

(more images coming soon)


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  1. The most Beautiful Bride I have ever seen! Absolutley gorgeous couple! Congrats to you Jenn and Leroy! What a dream come true! Love you! Your photos are amazing! Wishing you Love and Happiness Jenn and Leroy. xoxo

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