Easter photos at Sagebrush Belize Campus!

Is that time of year again, when I decide to do something for someone. This year, we had less people, but honest to be, I felt it just perfect!

After our shoot, I did offer one session to a single mom and her beautiful daughter. 🙂

Enjoy and feel free to save your photo and use it on social media.

JH2A0381-web JH2A0403-web JH2A0332-web JH2A0333-web JH2A0336-web JH2A0342-web JH2A0347-web JH2A0349-web JH2A0361-web JH2A0363-web JH2A0365-web WED_6722-web WED_6727-web JH2A0368-web JH2A0369-web JH2A0374-web JH2A0384-web JH2A0392-web JH2A0418-web JH2A0415-web JH2A0398-web JH2A0402-web JH2A0406-web WED_6754-web JH2A0410-web JH2A0421-web JH2A0424-web JH2A0435-crop-web JH2A0435-web JH2A0445-web JH2A0447-web JH2A0455-web JH2A0458-web WED_6741-web WED_6743-web WED_6748-web

this is how I made the kids looking into the camera :)))

this is how I made the kids looking into the camera :)))

Prints and high rez files will be delivered later.


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