LOVE your Body!

Lve Yur Bdy!

I never judge people after their appearances and I never choose my friends by how beautiful their body is.

But when I meet someone, who’s kind, thoughtful, with a good heart and I see how much she changed her body and lifestyle, without getting a natzi about it, no full day in gym, no crazy diets, just discipline and healthy eating, I can only brag about it…
People like this inspire me in getting better.
Me, personally, I am not fully happy about my body but Molly inspired me to finally do something I am saying from years I want to do: start the gym and eat healthier and my husband to eat less 🙂

Every person in this world has it’s own charm, no matter how their body look… most of my friends have curves… some bigger than others, but this never made me look at them different.
It is not my job to judge how everyone is taking care of their body… there are things I don’t know about their life, health…

Everyone is beautiful in it’s own way… but that does not mean we can’t get inspired by others who changed their life in good.

So, here is one of my favourites images of Molly, and because you asked about what she’s doing to get those abs… here is what she shared with me:
1. 3-4 days of high intensity work out classes (1 hour session)
2. My herbal life eating plan/meal replacements and supplements with Joe Mak
3. Very limited alcohol consumption
4. Stay active with my two kids

There are apps you can download…one is called sworkit
I hope you her photos!

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