A dream come true kind of wedding. At Las Terrazas, Belize

Megan & Chris choosed Belize like destination for their wedding and… WOW! All I can say is WOW! The amount of details and the entire day… was just fantastic!

They called it “our dream wedding” and after, they said “it was indeed a dream wedding”. Was truly amazing and tons of fun!

Sometimes, last year I photographed their engagement on a sandbar and we were talking about the wedding since then.. and I got excited by each month… until was finally here… all I can say, is I hope they’ll love the images I created and they’ll be able to relieve their wedding day through my photos.

Megan, my beautiful bride wrote me this: “To have all of our family and friends with us on the most important day of Chris’ and my life in beautiful Belize was truly a dream come true. I have always wanted to have my wedding in Belize for as long as I can remember. We were lucky enough to celebrate our special day with so many of our favorite people from all over the world… what more could we ask for? Everything was perfect and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing this magical day, Oli! We love your work and are so happy to have found you!!”
Getting ready moments… and seeing the details, first click of the dress… is that moment when you know “it started…”
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Classic Getting ready moments…pink champagne, of course…


Unexpected wedding gift from future husband


it’s all about girls having fun!


wedding dress details bridal portrait


getting ready…


island style wedding shoes


something old: grandma’s handkerchief ♥

2016-05-22_Rusu_0021-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0384-bw-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0379-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0395-web

and the boys…

2016-05-22_Rusu_0112-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0157-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0211-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0231-web

The Ceremony was like a scene from a fairytale…
2016-05-22_Rusu_0414-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0418-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0424-WEB 2016-05-22_Rusu_0396-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0399-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0487-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0502-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0517-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0520-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0574-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0519-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0646-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0751-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0623-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0629-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0624-web


Cocktail hour was filled with fun, photos, good food and awesome drinks…

2016-05-22_Rusu_0971-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0965-web 2016-05-22_Rusu_0959-web

The bridal shoot was actually next day, as my bride and groom really wanted to spend time with their friends… this wedding was all about family and friends bond!

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The Reception was superb and filled with laughter and special moments… they had a garifuna band, “ora loca” of good music, dancing with sparklers and, of course, tons of FUN photos…



Thank you!

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