Beautiful tropical island wedding at Coco Beach resort, Belize

Christina & Howard  had their dream wedding on a beautiful beach surrounded by an intimate group of family and best friends. Morning weddings are perfect because once the ceremony is done, you celebrate with lunch and off you go to have fun for the rest of the day.

I loved all the details Christina took care of, and I loved the vibe of this group… super happy and follow up photographer instructions by the book.. smooth & easy and with tons of fun.

Enjoy few of their photos!

Ambergris Caye, Belize 2016-05-28_Rusu_048-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_004-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_002-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0062-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0069-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0076-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0084-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0085-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0092-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0101-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0140-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0149-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0159-bw-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0181-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0184-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0186-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0207-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0213-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0221-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0238-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0244-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0246-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0270-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0286-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0287-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0289-1-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0317-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0321-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0338-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0341-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0343-web 2016-05-28_Rusu_0350-web

To download the images in a larger format, please click here. Password, family name.

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