Full Moon and a Blast Wedding at Las Terrazas, Belize

Nicole & Dan booked me to capture their wedding and on my first live chat  with Nicole… we talked for about 30 minutes, and 20 were only about the dress… and me and her got more excited by the minute… by the end of our conversation, we were both beyond anxious for this day to come…

I am grateful for them to choose Las Terrazas resort, Ambergris Caye, Belize as their destination wedding… our island is truly amazing!

Ambergris Caye, Belize

I went to a 3 day Photography Symposium  in Canada and I returned 1 day before their wedding, boosting of energy and inspiration and… everything was beyond amazing… I gave my energy to everyone present and we, literally, blast up!

I remembered our first conversation about the dress.. and I spent double the time we had scheduled, with my bride.. because the dress was more amazing than I imagined…

“Every wedding should be a destination wedding and they should all be in Belize. ” We agree with our whole hearts…”

Enjoy few of many beautiful photos!




I LOVE a groom with a classy outfit… charming and fashionable… even if is a beach wedding… the outfits are making a difference…


The ceremony was simple and beautiful and in same time fastuous…


Walking down the aisle…

2016-06-19_Rusu_163-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_182-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_212-web

Family photos were all about the fun…

JH2A8781-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_271-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_287-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_244-web

Nicole & Dan decided to have the cocktail hour with their guests… even if we had less time for their bridal shoot… they really wanted to have a sip of their favourite drinks, few bites and spend time with their guests…

Meanwhile, their guests had their portraits taken… fun, of course… while in background we had life garifuna drums…



2016-06-19_Rusu_428-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_438-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_419-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_405-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_398-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_393-bw-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_376-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_397-web

We had only about 30 minutes for bridal photos… but we had plenty of good images

2016-06-19_Rusu_459-bw-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_487-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_501-web

The Reception was beautiful and first dance

2016-06-19_Rusu_493-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_541-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_517-web 2016-06-19_Rusu_549-web

First dance

First dance

Father/Daughter dance

Father/Daughter dance

Full Moon Sea View

Full Moon Sea View

Good night

Good night

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