50 years of marriage and retired in Belize

When we get married, we all hope to celebrate the Golden Wedding, 50 years with the love of your live, to have a successful background and living the ultimate dream to retire on a tropical island (and not every island, but the best in the world, Ambergris Caye in Belize) … only very few of us will have it happened… and yes, I know 1 couple who just experienced this: Bill & Kathy… WOW! CONGRATULATIONS, GUYS!

I meet them in our community church and I loved their spirit, jokes and in same time how serious were about life…

So, when they asked me to capture few portraits of them, on the beach, I was thrilled!

I photograph them exactly how they are: full of life, laughing almost all the time, joking and being silly…

Enjoy few of their beautiful images 🙂

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