Pregnant, beautiful and happy

Ngai contacted me and he told me he saw my work and he would love me to capture his moments with his wife, before she leave the country to have the baby… and we had a beautiful shoot, on the lagoon, on a beautiful private island… more like a sandbar… and was fantastic! Moments of tenderness, happiness and excitement from both parents is what I captured…

Enjoy few of their beautiful images.

2016-10-04_rusu_004-fmb 2016-10-04_rusu_010-bw 2016-10-04_rusu_011-copy 2016-10-04_rusu_016-fmb-1-copy 2016-10-04_rusu_034-fmb 2016-10-04_rusu_084-flb-copy 2016-10-04_rusu_086-copy 2016-10-04_rusu_095-copy 2016-10-04_rusu_095 2016-10-04_rusu_120 2016-10-04_rusu_130-crop-pan-copy 2016-10-04_rusu_145-copy 2016-10-04_rusu_149-copy 2016-10-04_rusu_156-copy 2016-10-04_rusu_162-copy 2016-10-04_rusu_190

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