It’s a Family Affair in Belize: at Phoenix

A family affair, only the parents and the kids in a intimate stunning tropical decour. We were together for a little time, but we made the most of it!

Tropical rain did not stopped us and, as we were already wet, well, we went ahead and just get more water blessings!

Enjoy some of their photos!

2016-11-04_bzrusu_026-web 2016-11-04_bzrusu_022-web 2016-11-04_bzrusu_046-web 2016-11-04_bzrusu_013 2016-11-04_bzrusu_009-web 2016-11-04_bzrusu_042-web 2016-11-04_bzrusu_047 2016-11-04_bzrusu_092-web 2016-11-04_bzrusu_152-web 2016-11-04_bzrusu_119-web 2016-11-04_bzrusu_114-web 2016-11-04_bzrusu_112-web 2016-11-04_bzrusu_166-web 2016-11-04_bzrusu_168-web

Event organized by Dulce Weddings.

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