Organize your event with Confetti and have it photographed by me

Lately I photographed 2 events, 1 private, 1 public and I have to tell you I was blown away by décor… I found out they were organized by a fairly new business in Belize who understand the quality and high end clientèle… good taste in décor and high class service… combined with Love for what they do and topped with excitement and element of surprises… this is who Confetti is… and for this I am teaming up with them and and create magic.

From a private party in Belize City…


Private residence, birthday party

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Black and White Gala, 2016… with Confetti, and Chef Sean Kuylen

I asked Chef  Sean details about his work at this wonderful event, and this is what he told me:

Months before creating a menu that satisfies the committee and one that strategically can be executed within a reasonable time frame to the volume of guests. Once the menu is approved, I write a detailed spreadsheet with ingredients and portions of each item to the women who’s task then is to physically run around to grocery stores and the market to gather the items l requested. Remember, these are women who would ordinarily only shop for their homes so the task is huge and hectic for them! Procurement is never perfect and set backs are expected, however I keep cheerful and find substitutions as needed. Let me tell you, whatsapp group chat just keep dinging with messages & pictures asking if items are correct to what was ordered. This would go on for weeks leading up to the crunch time which is 5 days leading up to the event. At this point in time, my team and I would travel to Belize city from my home in the south of the country and acquaint ourselves with kitchen, the staff and check the ingredient inventory. Over the next four days we will go in the kitchen from 9am and cut, prep, and portion meats for up to 12 to 14 hours a day. These days are long and tedious and sanitation and food quality is of utmost importance to my team and I. On the day of the event my day starts at 8am with a briefing to my staff about how we will execute. Meats will be seared, vegetables cooked, desserts prepared and held at proper temperatures. At 7 pm we are on stage as the guests arrive. We are stationed in the ‘back of the house’ where I lay out 1500 plates for all three courses and the organized chaos begins! By the time we are done cleaning and the dust settled, my team and I would have been standing for over 17 hours and a total of around 55 hours of prepping, not including procurement. It is intense. It is very stressful, it is loud and very vulgar but in the end, it is an adrenalin rush and all for a great cause!


Chef Sean K… preparing food for almost 500 guests. This year I had BEST food I ever had at Black & White Gala!


behind the scene… the kitchen for BW Gala…


Behind the scenes. Thank you for all you do!

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Thank you!


with Jaime Correa, the owner of Confetti

Confetti  “Where everything begins” is located Mile 1 Phillip Goldson Highway, Belize City   /   Design Director: Jaime Correa         /