Photoshop – learn your editing

As you might already know, I teach myself to edit… are thousands of tutorials online. But, I’ll share with you what I found recently and it really WOW me. I’m blogging about this as in case you’ll forget where to find it, you’ll know to come to my blog and get it from here.

Time to time I’ll add here some samples of my work and the tutorials I’ve learn from 🙂

As I said before in another chapter on my blog, the first book from where I learn, was The Adobe Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers” by Scott Kelby…. and than I upgrade with CS4 and at the latest CS5… Each book is different and have other chapters. So, I recomand to start with one and just continuing…

I wanted to lighten a cigar in Photoshop and that sounds so complicated… but I found this amazing tutorial and fix my problem in a minute. Click here for the link.

Than, I wanted to add smoke and I didn’t understand exactly what brushes are they talking about…and when I search from SMOKE BRUSHES… I found them! Is ridiculous easy!

Here is my shot:

Lighten a cigar, add smoke

Lighten a cigar, add smoke

BRUSH TIP: ROTATE A BRUSH IN PHOTOSHOP and create your own design. (see tutorial here)