Photographing Beauty: Magdaluz

Best way for Magdaluz to be described, is actually through her photos and before to share her photos I just want to place a big Thank You to Banyan Bay resort who allow us to use their beautiful venue!

Magdaluz, congratulations for your awards! You are very special, and you have a beautiful soul. Amazing combination!

Hairstylist: Felix Ayuso, Makeup Artist: Maritza


IMG_0308-web PROM15_Jun09_044-web PROM15_Jun09_014-web PROM15_Jun09_022-web WED_7332-web WED_7374-web PROM15_Jun09_028-web PROM15_Jun09_040-web PROM15_Jun09_047-web WED_7345-web PROM15_Jun09_050-web PROM15_Jun09_060-web PROM15_Jun09_067-web PROM15_Jun09_076-web PROM15_Jun09_080-web PROM15_Jun09_097-web PROM15_Jun09_104-web PROM15_Jun09_084-webTo stay updated with my latest work, please join my facebook page.