Princess Eliza tea time… kind of day…

Around Christmas time I donated my time to Sagebrush Church, Belize and organized a family photoshoot for all members…but I wanted to offer a separate photoshoot, to someone. I choose a single mom of a beautiful and mannered little girl who was more than excited to hear she’ll have a professional shoot done… time passed and we finally had the time to organised this… Because of my limited time, I decided to have the shoot closer to my house… well.. not really closer, but right at my house. I preferred to cut completely the travel time and use it on Princess Eliza… and I can say, it was fantastic. The light was fantastic and we start right on my street… Eliza was shy at the beginning and I didn’t know, but she does not really want to smile when she have a lipstick on… as she is worried that her lipstick will fade :))


“uhm… I can’t really smile when I have lipstick on”

2016-06-22_RUSU_0003-web 2016-06-22_RUSU_0006-web 2016-06-22_RUSU_0007-web 2016-06-22_RUSU_0009-2-web

Second scene… was right on my veranda… a cup of tea kind of session…


one of the settings was on my veranda 🙂

2016-06-22_RUSU_0017-web 2016-06-22_RUSU_0026-f-web 2016-06-22_RUSU_0027-web 2016-06-22_RUSU_0025-web

So.then.. we were on our way to a scene I always liked.. right around the corner.. and as she was going down the stairs, I just snapped…

2016-06-22_RUSU_0028-web 2016-06-22_RUSU_0030-web

And because rainy season is here and she had another outfit ready.. why not put the boots on and snap away 🙂

2016-06-22_RUSU_0039-web 2016-06-22_RUSU_0040-web-w 2016-06-22_RUSU_0042-web

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