Black & White Gala 2013. One of a kind event

I had attended the Lifeline events before as photographer and when I’m working and this year I decided to try to be a guest. I did took my camera with me to capture few key moments and also, to make few portraits in case any of my facebook fans will approach me for a portrait. And… whoa! This was one of the most fun event I ever attended in Belize!
Start with a very good table setting, an amazing huge tenth with no posts (HOW THEY DID THAT?!), everything white and with tons of lights, exactly the way I love it for my photos… There were short speeches and fabulous food and drinks!

Is very nice to know that once in a while is an annual event, for a good cause and people are dressing up and hope for best night and great photos! I want to take a minute to thank all photographers on site for helping capture this fabulous event and for donating their time and efforts for this! Thank you thank you! You were fabulous!
Here are the photos! Enjoy!

(If you want to see them larger, please click on each and you can download it from this blog. Size is perfect for web display 1200×800). You can post them on your social media pages, of course, but, please, do not crop my watermark.