Magnificent Maleficent: a fantasy shoot for Halloween

Once in a while I challenge myself with something different than my usual style. This year was with Halloween shoots… and I did 2 and I loved both!

This blog is about Maleficent character!

Magnificent Maleficent, Halloween 2014, Belize

Magnificent Maleficent, Halloween 2014, Belize

Before she moved in Belize, my friend was a successful actor.  A while back I asked her… “what do you miss the most from Europe?” She answer right away “Acting!” 
“You’ll do a great Maleficent” and this is how it starts.

The costume was bought from a little store called Candle Garden, located on our island. The owner was beyond helpful and adjusted everything after our needs.

The makeup was done by a local hair stylist called Elida Brown and she exceed our expectations.

The location was a local resort called Xanadu Island Resort, that will let you speechless! Is perfect combination of sea and jungle… and behind the resort is just breathtaking.

My assistant on scene was the owner from Candle Garden and she helped me with 1 light. That was it. I did not had a big crew, or tons of lights.. was just me, and the perfect scene, model, actress, makeup and outfit! All came together, really good!

Here are the photos. Enjoy and share away!