Prom 2016, photographing an island beauty

Kasia, your beauty and charm stole my heart. You’re 17 today and I am beyond happy and honoured to have capture your beauty. Simple and sophisticated, you are definitely one of a kind… 3 outfits, 2 proms, 1 fun!

Enjoy and share few of your beautiful photos! ♥

2016-05-07_Rusu_002-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_010-bw-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_020-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_030-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_040-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_057-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_066-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_071-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_076-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_083-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_087-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_090-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_091-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_092-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_100-web 2016-05-07_Rusu_115-web
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