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Once in a while I offer photoshoots to people I consider special… and The Gough family is definitely a family with a big heart.

Olgi was the one who helped and worked the most for our project: Give your heart for Christmas.. she sorted all clothes, put them in bags, label them… and, on top of everything, she is working and is also a mother of 3. REALLY? Olgi, do you know the secret of cloning and you don’t tell us? hmmmmm….

Patty Arceo is my friend and she was first to jump with me in this project. She got Olgi and her family to help and I felt so grateful for everything they did that, of course, I offer them a photoshoot. I did not really expected for them to get dressed up top notch and have so much fun.

Olgi went over the top and rented my favourite place from Belize City, the House of Culture. I just wish we would had more time so I could go all around… we had some last minute emergencies (I won’t mention here, but TOTALLY UNEXPECTED FUNNY stuff happened) so we lost about 45 minutes from our time…

Long story short, here are some of their images.

THANK YOU, GIRLS! Was a Super Project! ♥


Patty & Fatima

This is LOVE!

and.. The Gough Family:

The Gough Family… I felt like I’m watching a movie scene


Our New Years Photo

beautiful beautiful boy 

Beautiful Kayli

Gorgeous Katja

Wonder-Woman: Olgi!

Inside & Outisde beautiful Kayli

Olgi & Damian, an absolutely amazing couple

Mother & Son

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