Island Wedding at Belize Yacht Club


Dr. Theresa is a respectful doctor in San Pedro and when she came to speak with me about her wedding, I was more than thrilled. She is beautiful! Inside & Outside and ALWAYS smiling! First thing what you see when you talk with her is a big smile. Carlos, her husband, is always kidding. They are like the perfect couple! I knew is impossible to go wrong with those 2. They warn me “Oli, we’re very laid back, so, no stress”…

One night before wedding I went to speak with them about the wedding timeline. When I ask how is her dress, she told me “oh, I didn’t had time to see it. My mother in law did all my shoppings for me”. I was like “WHAAAT??!?!!”. 2 minutes later, I was still in shock and Carlos is coming in and ask her “What I would wear tomorrow?” I was like “ARE YOU SERIOUS? you didn’t saw your wedding suite?!” And both of them look at me laughing and said in same time “NO! WE DID NOT SAW THEM OR TRY THEM”. I start talking to myself :)))) So, this is the personality of my bride and groom, and let me tell you, their wedding was absolutely PERFECT!!! Their clothes, PERFECT!!! The wedding was full of emotions. Their family and friends flu from Cuba or from all around Belize to attend their island wedding.

Theresa told me “Oli, our wedding is all about  family and we want as many family photos possible”. And this is what I did. They are precious for my bride & groom, and I did my very best to give everyone the best photos they ever had.

Everyone was in time, everything was OK. We had a simple apartment where we had our family photos before ceremony, the beautiful caribbean background and a perfect intimate reception!

Enjoy their  photos 🙂 If you want to see them larger, go under my website under LATEST SESSIONS.

Our team:

Florist: Barbara Brown, CANDLE FLOWERS Shop

Makeup-artist & hair stylist: Carlos Barrientos (“Mar de colores” )

Iraida Gonzalez Senior Justice of the Peace (

Photographer: Oli Rusu

Location: Belize Yacht Club