Our Dream Wedding at Chabil Mar, Belize

I honestly don’t even know how to start. Are zillion of stories from this day and one is funnier than another one.

Just so you get to know a little bit my bride and groom, here is the beginning of our conversations:

Our marriage has been a long time in the making. We’ve been together for almost 8 years, most of that time we have been apart. Our careers have led us in different ways, but we managed to keep our love for each other constant. For the last 4 years we have been flying back and forth monthly between Toronto and Boston to see each other on weekends. Only now have I found work in Toronto and we will finally live together in August. So of course, July will be the perfect time for marriage!

We are both rather shy people, but I would say I’m much more reserved than Karen is. We both have a shared love for nature, but Karen is much more active, I enjoy soaking in my surroundings. We’re the kind of people that appreciate the joys that life brings and hope to give back in any way we can. For photography, we would greatly like direction in poses as we often find it a struggle to pose ourselves naturally in photos that we take ourselves…  I really enjoyed your video demo of your lively sessions (jumping on beds for the shot)… So that is a little about us and the challenges we’ve faced together, leading up to this day. After reading this, we hope that you are still up to the challenge of photographing us! 😀

This is how we start… we all had a TOTAL BLAST! When the photographer blend with the group, when you feel it as “one of your own” you forget about being shy in front of a camera. This  group was SO MUCH FUN and was one of the easiest jobs ever. Super fun and great memories!

Karen & Dalam, your emotions and happiness were SO real and you had such an amazing day. I did my very best to capture your day the way I saw it.


Enjoy your first photos (from many more to come):

Please come back to see the rest of the photos!