“WOW!” Wedding at Xunantunich and San Ignacio Resort Hotel (Belize)

When I blog about a wedding or event, I usually choose 1 word to define a wedding. And first word is coming in my mind when I’m thinking about this wedding is “WOW!” One of the most beautiful and amazing weddings I ever had the pleasure to photograph. I’m still blown away about memories. I have goosebumps while I am writing this and an amazing feeling. I am soooo happy about everything!

Jessica & Michael… guys, I heart you both! I had many emails with Jess and I get to know what she likes, I loved her personality (very much similar with mine actually) and I loved Michael, also. I was in shock when I heard (days after the wedding) that he actually avoid photos as much as he can…  Well, Michael, I was convinced you love doing this… because you, guys, were one of my best models I ever had.

This is also a sample of a COMPLETE Wedding Day. Start with Getting Ready Moments until end of reception… I captured everything. I finally had my NIGHT Bridal Photoshoot… I’m thinking about this from a while now, but by the time when I have to do this, usually everyone is tired. Well, not Jessica & Michael!

I am in love with veils… and Jessica’s veil was her mom’s… WOW! A 40 year old veil an amazing combination with a lace pure white wedding dress. Of course, red bouquet and red shoes. Phenomenal!

When they asked me what place from Cayo I suggest them to get married, somewhere around San Ignacio town… I did not even blink: San Ignacio Hotel Resort! I am hunting a wedding there from years now and finally, I was lucky enough to have the chance doing it here.

2012 Wedding Rings are a must on a Maya Carving Calendar.

You can CLICK on photo to see it larger and also Click the arrow on right side of photo to see the album… or just scroll down the page.



2012 Wedding Rings, Maya Calendar. Click on photo to see it larger. Click the arrow on right side of photo to see the album... or just scroll down the page.


I start with Getting Ready moments, details and of course, family photos:

Getting Ready / Family Photos - Click on photo to see it larger

Wedding Details

Getting Ready

Bridal photos before ceremony

Bridal photos before ceremony

Moments before ceremony: family photos

The Reveal of Bride was at San Ignacio hotel on an amazing setting (everything is phenomenal there) so they could enjoyed together Walking down the aisle

The Reveal was at San Ignacio Hotel Resort, Cayo, Belize

walking down the aisle start from the hotel, until the mayan temple and was tons of fun!

Fun walking down the aisle

Fun walking down the aisle

the Wedding ceremony was on the top of middle temple so I could have the view of majestic Maya Temple Xunantunich! The bride was announced with a Conch Shell

Here comes the bride. Shell announcement

Blue morpho butterfly release

After the legal ceremony, they were blessed in mayan language and had an authentic maya ceremony. Extremely different than everything I ever saw before (thank you, Iraida! for planning this one)

Authentic Maya Ceremony

Than, we start …bridal photoshoot around  Xunantunich, at sunset time (OH!!!!)

Bridal Photoshoot at Maya Temple Xunantunich


Bridal Photoshoot at Maya Temple Xunantunich

Bridal Photoshoot at Maya Temple Xunantunich

Bridal Photoshoot In the heart of the maya temple Xunantunich

On top of Xunantunich, Maya Temple, Belize 2012

180° top of Xunantunich, Maya Temple

Top of Xunantunich.

Bridal Photoshoot at Maya Temple Xunantunich

Bridal Photoshoot at Maya Temple Xunantunich

..the reception was back at San Ignacio Hotel Resort. What an amazing location.. with an amazing Jungle view…

The Reception at San Ignacio Hotel Resort

Bridal Photoshoot around resort

more family photos…

Family Photos

First dance

They signed the papers in complete dark as we loved the lights around the resort…

Signing the Papers, late evening

and night bridal photos on my favourites spots from around the hotel (honeymoon appartment, the staircase, the cozy veranda… everything was just PERFECT, waiting for photos…

Night Bridal Photoshoot in Honeymoon Suite

Candle light and champagne bridal photos

Romantic Night Bridal Portraits at San Ignacio Hotel Resort / The Staircase

The Wedding Cake

This was Our Wedding!

This is one of the most complete weddings I ever photographed (we start at 11 am and finished almost at 11 pm…). You can definitely tell the difference between few hours photoshoot and a full day. I could never achieved this if I would be hired for few hours only… Keep in mind that our night photoshoot start around 10 pm . I was convinced that they won’t want do it, but… “photos are REALLY important”… and yes, I hope you agree that worth every minute.

Guys, I know that after your wedding you’ll heart Belize and cherish this place forever!

Thank you, Belize Weddings for making this possible. Thank you, San Ignacio Hotel Resort, for all your efforts and amazing hospitality and thank you Jessica & Michael for making me the honour to photograph your wedding!

The team that made this wedding the way it was:
-The staff of San Ignacio Hotel Resort that decorated the place the way I was hoping for for our night photoshoot
– Iraida Gonzalez, the senior justice of the piece that was the wedding coordinator and also oficiated the ceremony
– me, I captured everything the way it was Good to know that I do  Bridal Photoshoots after your wedding day… is not too late. You just need to contact me and I can make it happen.Behind the scenes…most of the photos from the top of Xunantunich were done like this… my work is my passion and I’m doing my very best to achieve my visions and my goal. 

Oli Rusu behind the scenes

Oli Rusu behind the scenes