My first real Cave Wedding

Today is a day I’ll always remember: july 13, 2011, my first real Cave Wedding.

When Henry and his fiancee, Leticia, saw my photoshoot in Cave, they decide right away: “Our Destination Wedding: Belize! Photographer: Olivera Rusu! Our Wedding Location: Maya Cave! Method to reach Belize: Cruiser!”

They contact me 2 weeks after I had my first cave shoot and all of us were really excited about what was about to happen’.

We talk for months many details and we were really excited about everything… I went in Europe to visit my parents and I make my trip VERY SHORT just because I had to be back in time for Henry&Tisha’s Cave Wedding. And than… everything start to go upside down.

You might know (or you find out now) that Belize have 2 seasons, 6 months each: the dry season, when is not raining at all, or is raining very little and the rainy season or hurricane season as some of us call it. The Rainy season start in july and end at the beginning of december. Being rainy season right now, from 2 weeks is raining in Belize…. tropical rain! The Cave was flooded and yesterday closed down as was not safe to visit. We were speechless… Plan B… we go to a ruin… the closest the time permit us is Altun Ha! I did not wanted to go to a mayan Ruin! I really wanted to go in a cave. They came for cave! Their dream wedding was a cave…  I was worried sick as everyone was. I never thought could rain so much at the beginning of the season. So, was decided… Altun Ha!

We were in the car in the morning, and I had 1 last try. The guide we hired to take us at Altun Ha told me “Oli, the cave is open. We can go if you want”. Are you kidding me? Of course I want! So, long story-short, we went in the cave. Same Krystal Cave where I was before with Samira&Mark, same cave I shoot for Belikin Calendar 2012. But this time… was really different! Really Low light, raining, water dripping from the stalactites, mud, now there is a fence at the entrance of the cave, water way higher… and many many other stuff. I did not freak out. I was happy we were there and we could do it in a way or other. Took me 20 minutes until I figure it out where is the best light to photograph and after I explain them what’s the story, they listen my suggestion to have the ceremony right outside the cave and the photo-shoot inside.

This wedding wouldn’t be possible if my friend and business partner, the wedding coordinator Iraida Gonzalez and her assistant and daughter, Kristi Gonzalez, wouldn’t do their magic to fix all the details in a Guinness Book record time.

That’s why I like to work with PRO’s who are here for me all the time I need it and deal extraordinary in stressful moments! No matter how bad is the situation, I never panic when I’m working and I’m trying to pick my business partners who are the same with me… and definitely Belize Weddings is one of them.

Because of all weather and light conditions I decide do Cave Photo-shoots only in dry season, from january until may.

So, here it is a sneak peek of what’s coming soon…

Wedding Ceremony Cave Entrance

unusual & sophisticated

unusual & sophisticated

To be continued….