Honeymooners hit Matachica Resort

After a spectacular wedding in the jungle,  Tana & Travis wanted to taste Belize from another point of view: island. Exactly on one of the finest resorts from the country: Matachica. Everyone deserve at least once an amazing experience and you can’t fail if you’re coming here.

“Spectacullar…amazing…speachless… unaspected…different…awesome” those were few of the words Tana and Travis describe this place. They grab 2 drinks from Matachica’s famous bar and we just went around the island. Was really easy to photograph this as everywhere we look, was the perfect place. There are no bad angles, there are not places we need to hide in photos…. this place is every photographer dream.

We went around the resort, they loved the honeymoon chair located right in the front of the bar, they love fishing together, cayaking and of course the amazing jacuzzi from the pool…

Enjoy first photos and be there for few moments. One of the most amazing experience you can have is call “Matachica” and from the bottom of my heart I recomand it to anyone who dream to the perfect vacation.

Even if rain all day yesterday, when I reach at hotel the rain stop. When I left, the rain start. Was perfect! :)))

Enjoy first photos.