Tying the Knot in Belize at Victoria House, Ambergris Caye

Shannon & Tabby, I don’t even know when to start… but I felt your connection and you are one of the blessed ones that find your soulmate. Tabby, I love the way Shannon protect you and, Shannon, you are made to love your wife.

The song you sing to her, during your ceremony bring tears to my eyes and your friends were all emotionals.. the surprise on her face, the way she kept her hands and whisper “wow” said more than any words…

You tied the knot now in Caribbean, at one of the most exquisite hotels from the country… actually, I dare to say, from the world.. the ceremony place is definitely my favourite, on green live grass, with a forest of palm trees in background, and the sea just there, exactly how we liked it…

Well, enjoy your first photos from many more to come:


Superb Wedding Rings

Bridal Bouquets



Rain or Sun, does not matter… is all about getting married and fun!

Moments before ceremony are always special and different. I am taking my time with my bride & groom individually

Moments before ceremony: The boys

Moment before ceremony. Bridal portrait

Moment before ceremony: the girls

girls wedding shoes 🙂

Bridal Portrait before Ceremony. At Victoria House

Girls Fun & Champagne before ceremony

Walking down the aisle felt like a fairytale

Superb Wedding Ceremony at Victoria House

Grass Wedding Ceremony, at Victoria House, best spot!


and, he compose a song for her and sing it during the ceremony


Just Married in Belize! Bridal Portrait

Super fun Wedding group!

Bridal Portrait: palm trees, sand, champagne, diamonds and flowers…

Love love love… was in the air


Our JUST MARRIED golf cart was suuuper fun!

Evening bridal portraits at V House

and their room, was all perfect, feeling like a dream


bridal portraits at twilight



water blessing ended our day

water blessing… wet bridal photos